Hamiltons Philosophy

Sugar-coated bubble-bursting observations on our realities & follies’ by Ifs Ands & Butts proprietor and ‘Soda Pop Philosopher’ Hamilton Rousseau.

Are they the ramblings of a madman or the insights of a genius? We may let you vote on this one day, but in the meantime we’re sure you’ll find at least a few that make you chuckle and say “How true!”

A book of most of my sayings is available to peruse at the shop. Many customers have spent a few precious minutes of their lunch hours or otherwise valuable time thumbing through page after page…and leave smiling and ‘psyched up’ to continue their day.

We’ll be developing this section along and along. But for now, we hope you’ll check out our Soda Bar and Smoke Shop sections and order some of our unique sodas or imported cigars for those on your holiday gift list. If you’re in Dallas, drop by the shop…and my book’s on the table!